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Windows 10 Download

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Windows 10 Download  speeds are now becoming increasingly important thanks to the integration of everyday programs & tools to the Internet. The likes of iTunes, YouTube & Facebook have made fast download speeds one of the most important features of modern computers, and there's nothing more annoying than having a computer which takes a long time to download the files / music / data that it requires. Fortunately, there's a relatively easy way to fix this problem on Windows 10 which even a beginner should be able to do...
The speed at which your computer "downloads" data from the Internet will vary greatly depending on several factors, including where you are downloading from, how fast your Internet connection is and what state your PC is in. The actual speed of downloads will be determined by which of these factors are allowing your PC to download data smoothly, and which are causing a problem.
If you're using Windows 10, the good news is that Microsoft have introduced a lot of measures to make the Internet & download speeds of this system as fast as possible. However, there are several problems which you need to be sure about before trying to "fix" download speed issues on this system. The first is how fast your Internet connection is (if your Internet connection is slow, then that's the reason why your downloads are slow). To be sure your Internet speed is running as fast as possible, click onto Google and search for "broadband speed test". This will load up a website on the first result which will show you how fast your connection speed is. If you have a connection speed which is approximately 10X what your download speeds are, then your Internet is fine (for example, if you are downloading at 400kb/s, you should have a connection speed of 4mb/s).
If your Internet speed is okay, then the other common problem which could be slowing your downloads on Windows 10 is actually an issue with the system itself. A part of Windows called the "registry" is often to blame for making your Internet & downloads run slow, as this is where your computer stores all the settings and options that it requires to run. The registry is not very well known, but is the most important part of all Windows computers, and is used constantly to help your computer run as smoothly as possible. This means that when you download something on your system, your computer is actually reading 100's of registry files to help it control all the download processes. Unfortunately, it's often the case that many of the registry settings your system requires to run are either damaged or corrupt - leading your computer to become extremely slow & erroneous.
Whenever you Windows 10 Download something from the Internet, 100's of registry settings are being used to help control the various functions & protocols that are required to help your system run as smoothly as possible... but the problems arise when many of the vital registry settings that your system requires are unreadable. This problem causes Windows 10 to run slower than normal, and also makes it take longer to download anything from the Internet. If your Internet connection speed is fine, it's recommended that you use a "registry cleaner" program to scan through your PC and fix the various damaged registry settings which could be causing the issues.
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Microsoft Word Download

Microsoft Word is a high end and robust word processing system formulated by Microsoft Corporation. No matter which strata of the corporate world you belong to, you would definitely need to work on a word processor. It is not a difficult task to acquire the most demanded word processor. You can simply try Microsoft Word download as a standalone application or as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Either a CD installation package can be bought from a store or it can be downloaded from the various internet websites and download centers. The most advisable place for downloading the application is definitely the Official Microsoft website.
Microsoft Word Download is the most comprehensive and advanced word editing tool which is widely used for creation of documents. It comes with highly advanced tools and wizards that make documentation an easy and effective job.
The latest versions come with a lot of new utilities that help to integrate the stuff with Microsoft SharePoint Server and also publish the documents on the internet and blogs etc. It also provides facility to create XML documents for enhanced delivery of solutions to create processes entailed with document management.
There are a lot of websites and portals available on the internet through which Microsoft Word download can be done, however there should be care taken against pirated versions.
Step 1:
Before you actually start Microsoft Word Download, it is important to determine which version is compatible for your operating system. You should also ensure that the computer you are using meets the minimum system requirement for the execution of MS word. This can be done through the official Microsoft website.
Step 2:
The Microsoft website also has a provision for a test drive version of the Microsoft Word. On the Microsoft website you can download a test drive version for free. Click on the "Launch Test Drive" button and then simply follow the instructions that appear.
Step 3:
To have a more enhanced experience before deciding to buy the full version of Microsoft Word you can try the 60 days trial version from the website. The trial version offers complete features so you can have great hands on experience.
Step 4:
For a full version Word download, visit the official Microsoft website only. Do not rely on the various fake websites as they may offer a pirated version. On the official Microsoft Download center, select the option which best matches to your computer system architecture.
Step 5:
By commencing the Word download process, choose the target folder where the installation file will be saved.
Step 6:
Once the Microsoft Word Download is complete navigate to the folder where the installer is saved and double click the installation file and then follow the steps that are prompted.
Once the installation is complete you can simply start working.
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Microsoft Office Download

Download cheapest Microsoft Office Word and Windows 10. We guarantee that you will be satisfy with our software.

It has been a common thing for individuals to use and install Microsoft word in their laptops and their PC's. It has become such a necessity to use Microsoft word that the need and the demand for it have enormously increased over the years. Truly, Microsoft word download has made it easier for working professionals and students alike, all processes that require word documentations and the likes.
Microsoft Office Download have been an in thing for corporate offices, which Microsoft have subcontracted, however software counterfeiting has been rampant nowadays, and before you know it, you have been a victim of chicanery. It is but essential that we double check the downloads that we avail of. Especially that there are so many websites that offer free software downloads, we might even be too overwhelmed, that is why we have the tendency to just abruptly download, without considering the fact of being lured into a scam, or worse, a phishing website, and before you know it, your identity has been stolen. These are just some of the things that people should be wary off, it is no joke once we get victimized by all the virtual culprits waiting in the prowl, for hapless and innocent victims, who would normally be too gullible and naive.
However, Microsoft is not the only option, there are also several other software that you can try to use and be acquainted with. So when you are on the go, to try for yourself, office downloads, such as that of Microsoft's, be extra careful and always ask, be intuitive, and never shun away from doing your own background check up.

You will see that by doing so, you will protect yourself, from all the harsh realities that have scattered all over the internet. It will give you the chance to sift thoroughly, and in turn, will give you a better objectivity when choosing for that right word download to avail of. Always think ahead, of others, if you sense that this particular website, offering a free Microsoft word download, is very dubious in character, then immediately close it, and move on to the next one. Sifting and scrutinizing will deem very beneficial for you, so no matter how strenuous they can get, always think that it will benefit you the most.

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MS Office 2016

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Microsoft Excel 2016 is the latest version of the spreadsheet included in Microsoft Office 2016, a new productivity software suite released by Microsoft.
Microsoft comes with advance features and tools like power query integration, read-only mode for Excel, keyboard access for pivot tables and slicers in Excel, new chart types, quick data linking in Visio, Excel forecasting functions, support for multi-selection of slicer items using touch, time grouping and pivot chart drill down as well as Excel data cards.
Now you can also import data from the web simple and fast, unlike before that a user have to do it manually (by copying and pasting all data and reformat everything on the file).

Here tips will guide you on
How to import web data into Microsoft Excel 2016:
Copy the link of the web browser containing the data you want to import.
Open the MS Excel and click the Data tab.
Click the New Query button and select from other Source.
Click From Web
Paste the source link on the "Access Web content" window.
Click the OK button and choose how you want to access the data.
Click connect
The "Navigator" window will appear right after. It will load the data from the web page.
Click the table you wish to import.
Click Edit. MS Excel will automatically fetch the data.
Click the Close & Load button if you are satisfied with the data.
After importing the data obtained from the web, MS Excel will automatically save the source link into the file. You can right-click the table and click Refresh. If the data on the web has changed, the table on Excel will be updating as well.
Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys:

If you need to enter a new Excel worksheet, simply hold the SHIFT key + F11. You will notice that a new worksheet has been added to the left. You can then start working on the new sheet you created.
CTRL + Grave accent key (`)
To show all the formulas you used to automatically perform computation on selected cells, hold down CTRL and click the grave accent key (`), which you can find on the left of the number 1 key and over the TAB key.
CTRL + 0 and CTRL 9
when you will need to put certain column(s) out of the sight of your associates. Instead of going to "Format" then "Hide Columns," just press down the CTRL key and strike 0 (zero). To hide rows, hold the CTRL key and hit 9.
ALT + =
To add up cells automatically, you do not have to go to where the "AutoSum" key is located. Select the cells that you need to compute then press ALT followed by the equal sign (=) and the next cell will show the total.
When you are working on two or more workbooks to compare or check on some data. Rather than wasting your time clicking from one workbook to another, simply hold down the CTRL key and then TAB. Continue hitting TAB until you get to your desired workbook.